Classic Relaxation is a 20 minute recording to encourage deep relaxation in body and mind. Allow yourself a little time to do nothing but rest in this lovely, guided practice. Simply make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, then follow my voice as I guide you through settling, sensing around the body, then resting awareness on the breath. 

I hope you find some peace and calm.


Please note these classes are offered only on the basis that all who follow take responsibility for their own physical and mental well-being and practice these online classes at their own risk. My style of yoga is gentle and I hope will be suitable for most bodies. However, please always listen to your own body and only do the things that feel good for you... simply stop / rest if something doesn't suit you. One of the fundamental principles of yoga philosophy is that of ahimsa (non-harming). Please never push yourself. There are plenty of physical exercise programmes out there designed to really 'work' your physical body, I truly believe yoga is more about creating ease and comfort in the body, so we can find peace and calm in mind, spirit and all the other layers of our being. Go gently....