Balance, Happiness, Calm

Gentle movement and relaxation with a fully qualified and experienced yoga therapist

(and her rabbit)

Gentle online yoga and relaxation. Choose from a year's worth of pre-recorded classes filmed with humour, warmth and kindness (plus the odd appearance by my house rabbit).


First week completely free. Simple to join with no need for payment details, commitment or any obligation  - I'd just love you to give it a try. If you enjoy it, add payment details and subscribe for just £10 monthly.

You are in safe hands. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist, drawing on over four years of training and nearly 30 years of personal practice

These are quiet, restful classes. There are a handful of more physical classes for when we want to stir our energy,  but the heart and soul of my approach is gentle, kind and calm. 

A warm welcome to my little corner of the internet, where you will find gentle yoga, relaxation and meditation practices. 

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years. It is at the heart of my life and the way I live - and I don’t mean complicated postures, I mean the philosophy and approach to life, the gentle support the teachings offer, and the deep difference it can make to emotional wellbeing and balance. Yoga helps. It's not a magic bullet. But it really helps. 

Over the past few years I have been teaching group classes in Herefordshire, but a series of things have changed this - first the Covid situation, then I took a new full time job working in addiction recovery, so these days I'm not teaching any more, but have uploaded all my recorded classes here - a collection of movement and relaxation classes filmed over the past year or so. 

I truly hope you find something here that is useful, supportive and nourishing.